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Awareness (recognising) and Listening (to replicate)


The Who's Who of Drumming

A journey of youtube videos, illustrating the most important drummers of all time. With credit mostly to Wikipedia you will find a little profile of each drummer too.

Section A: The Pioneer & The Unbeatable Virtuoso

Section B: Swing & Big Band Drummers

Section C: Founders of Bebop Drums & 1950's Drummers

Section D: Post-Bop & Fusion Drummers

Section E: 1980's-Current Drummers

Section F: Early Rock, Pop & Rock Drummers

Section G: Heavy Rock, Punk & Metal Drummers

Section H: Technicians & Drumming Gurus

Section I: Australian Drummers


Brush Playing

Videos and profiles of the great brush players.

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Drum Corps International (DCI) is the non-profit governing body operating the North American drum and bugle corps circuit. Members in these corps are aged between 13 and 21. Their competitive summer tour (full-time summer commitment) culminates with the week-long DCI World Championships. Many other drum corps associations around the world are based upon DCI.

Beginning in late fall or early winter, corps hold weekend rehearsal camps once a month. The first two or three camps are primarily to audition members, though the audition process is not necessarily formal. At the end of the college school year in May, camps cease and members of full-time corps report for move-in, that is, move to the locality where the corps rehearses. Corps then spend 12 to 16 hour days refining the music and movement of their show, as there is little time remaining before the beginning of the competitive season in June.

Corps travel by coach buses in convoy with trailers holding equipment and field kitchens. Once on the road, members generally sleep on the buses as the corps travels at night, and in sleeping bags on school gym floors once the next destination is reached. They practice their show for as long as schedule allows during the day, and then load up for the evening competition nearby.

Click here to view videos of some of the World Class Champion corps


Salsa Percussion

Videos and information mostly about Cuban percussion and great players within the genre.

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Jazz Vibraphone

Videos of the great Jazz Vibraphone players.

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